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Ramen is the best pleasure

Everyone should be able to get their ramen fix.....

Our ramen bar specialises in tonkotsu and vegan ramen broths. The signature tonkotsu broth is made with our special mix of pork bones and vegetables. Cooking for over 12 hours it is rich in flavour and a must try for ramen lovers. 

We believe everyone should enjoy ramen! Our ramen bar has a special vegan broth made from our special mix of mushrooms, vegetables and kombu. Our vegan broth is equally rich in flavour so now vegans can get their ramen fix.

We provide a full standard and vegan menu. We have done our very best to have a veganised version of the standard version menu items so no one gets left out. If ramen is not your thing check out our vegan and standard bento box range.

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