Gluten Free and Allergies

Our ramen bar prides ourselves on providing delicious ramen and other Japanese delicacies. We also have a wide range of food based on meatless vegan recipes. As much as we would like to cater for all walks of life and dietary requirements it is not possible due to the complex process we already have catering for our vegan recipes. As such we do not offer any gluten free items on our menu and cannot cater to any allergies.

Takeaway Refunds

We completely acknowledge our kitchen can make mistakes with orders. Our talented kitchen staff are human after all. Should there be any issues with items you have taken home it is our policy that the item be returned to us so we can provide a new item or a refund. Any items that show evidence it has been eaten or parts thrown away or incomplete in any nature will not be provided with a refund. The management team reserves the right to make this final decision on the refund.

Bookings and Reservations

Thank you for the continual support for the last three years since our opening!! Yes we used to take reservations. Unfortunately our business experienced large number of booking cancellations without notice. As we are only a tiny venue this caused major losses for our business. Hence with a heavy heart our team have decided to change to a walk in service only and we will no longer take bookings.


The surrounds of our ramen bar is a vibrant area with a diverse range of food and beverage businesses full of small bars and organic wine bars. To support local business come out to see us all dine with Ramen Ichiraku and drink at one of our excellent bars. As such our policy is no BYO. This includes outside food, drinks and alcohol.

Dining Time Limit & Minimum Order Per Person

We are a tiny ramen bar with a small number of dine in seating. We are also a very busy ramen bar thanks to all your continual support. We would like to give everyone the chance to try our delicious food hence we have placed a dine in time limit of 1 hour with a order of one main meal per person.